George Gee and Company returns to Lincoln Center for the 7th Time!

They say seventh time is a charm, as The George Gee Swing Orchestra has been invited back by Lincoln Center to headline their world-renowned Midsummer Night Swing outdoor concert dance series on Thursday, July 6th.  The 17 piece Swing Big Band present a musical program in special tribute to their dear, departed friend Dawn Hampton   An ultimate and classic NYC experience like nowhere else, don't miss it! 


In Rememberance of the Great Dawn Hampton

Last night we lost the great Dawn Hampton.  A longtime friend of GGMI, she was a steady supporter of all things musical and spiritual.  She let you know if you were great, but perhaps more importantly, she did not hesitate to let you know if you were fake.  I could list her extended accomplishments, but you can get all that from her Wiki page.  What we will miss the most is her warm smile and a tough outer shell, with a soft gooey interior.  At 88, she continued to live life to the fullest - going out every night dancing, dining, and listening to great music.  Which is what she did to the very last weekend of her life.  Sinatra sang "I did it My Way.'  To Dawn's credit, her version goes "We did it Our Way!"  Keep on Swingin', Diva Dawn.

It's the dance battle between two amazing performers. The Legendary Dawn Hampton vs. the infamous John Dokes. Featuring the music of George Gee and His Make Believe Ballroom Orchestra. Let's take it to the dance floor!